10 Residents and 6 Staff Members of Queen Louise Home for the Aged Test Positive for Covid-19

  • Staff Consortium
  • August 12, 2020

Queen Louise Home for the Aged in St. Thomas.

The Department of Human Services on Wednesday announced that 10 residents and 6 staff members of Queen Louise Home for the Aged have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. D.H.S. said the results came in as part of the Dept. of Health's Wednesday data, which also revealed that a total of 17 residents and 25 staff members were tested, which means 7 residents and 19 staff members tested negative.

"Department of Human Services leadership and staff, including the Queen Louise physician, Department of Health and CDC physicians and staff and the Schneider Regional Medical Center are working collaboratively to address the unfolding reality of the coronavirus and its spread into the facility," D.H.S. said. "The residents who tested negative will be relocated to non-congregate sheltering to try to maintain their negative status and good health. Re-testing will occur in accordance with guidance from the lead Epidemiologist with Department of Health."

According to the release, all residents who tested positive are so far asymptomatic or displaying only mild symptoms. "All are being closely monitored and treated by the multi-disciplinary team. None of the residents have required hospitalization," D.H.S. said.

The department said staff who tested positive are in quarantine and were only displaying mild symptoms as of Wednesday, and have not required hospitalization. "With the major increase in cases in St. Thomas and the reality that facility staff must move about in the community, D.H.S. is maintaining strict mitigation policies and procedures, while keeping a close eye on staff and residents," the department said. "The collaborative approach with the DOH is proving critical as the departments leverage knowledge and resources to address the reality of the pandemic in the USVI."

The Knud Hansen Complex in St. Thomas remains closed, in an abundance of caution and for sanitization after one staff member tested positive at the administrative office complex, D.H.S. said, adding that the facilty will remain closed to the public through Friday, August 14. The Complex will re-open on Monday, August 17, 2020.

D.H.S. said Meals on Wheels and Homemaker Services will continue to provide client services in the community while continuing to adhere to all safety protocols. Additionally, drop boxes will also remain open and available for application drop off.

D.H.S. said masks are required when entering all facilities and enhanced screening surveys and mandatory temperature checks continue. "All staff and close contacts of affected units have been notified to ensure their safety within the parameters of HIPAA guidelines," the department said. "Additionally, DHS is working to provide support for staff members. Staff testing is being encouraged and arranged for those in impacted units while professional cleaning and sanitization of impacted facilities is on-going. No additional details are being released at this time in order respect the residents, their families and remain in accordance to HIPAA laws."



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