V.I. Parole Board to Hear Cases Including Manslaughter, Robbery, and Fraud

The V.I. Parole Board invites victim and public testimony ahead of hearings for inmates convicted of serious crimes including second-degree murder and first-degree assault

  • Staff Consortium
  • May 23, 2024

The V.I. Parole Board has announced its schedule for parole hearings in the month of June. The board is inviting testimony from victims, family members, and other interested persons.

Anyone wishing to submit testimony must send written comments or request to appear before the Board by May 30, 2024. Correspondence should be addressed to:‌

  • Chairman of the Parole Board
  • John A. Bell Adult Correctional Facility
  • Rural Route 1, Box 9909
  • Kingshill, VI 00850-9715
  • Phone: (340) 773-6309 ext. 6817
  • Email: [email protected]

On June 3, the board will consider a parole application from Edwin Rivera, convicted of second-degree robbery and incarcerated at the Citrus County Detention Facility in Florida.

On June 5, five inmates of the Tallahatchie County Facility in Missouri will be heard by the board. Jahzeel Fenton is serving time for first-degree assault as a crime of domestic violence, while Yamini Potter was convicted of grand larceny, identity theft, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. Jim Wallace is serving a sentence for voluntary manslaughter, Elieser Edwards for first-degree robbery, and Dekumar Rogers for unauthorized possession of a firearm.‌

The board will then consider parole applications for inmates of the Wallens Ridge State Prison, Keen Mountain Correctional Facility, and Red Onion State Prison, on June 7 in Virginia. Only one parole application is scheduled for that day – Mekel Blash, currently serving a sentence for second-degree murder.

On June 10, the parole board will convene to hear applications from inmates of the John A. Bell Correctional Facility, including one from Francisco Tirado, convicted of first-degree unlawful sexual contact, and another from Ethelbert Benjamin, convicted of the same charge. William Wilson, serving a sentence for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, will also have a parole application before the board.‌

Finally, on June 11, applications from inmates of the Alexander A. Farrelly Criminal Justice Complex are scheduled to be heard. Curtis Petersen, incarcerated for stalking as a crime of domestic violence, Edward Paul, sentenced for unauthorized possession of a firearm, Ray Sanderson, convicted of first-degree attempted robbery, and Shamall Fleming, imprisoned for second-degree assault as a crime of domestic violence, as all expected to appear before the board.

The Parole Board advises the public that eligibility for parole is determined by the inmate’s sentence and the V.I. parole statute. Additionally, inclusion on the eligibility list does not guarantee parole will be granted or that a hearing will occur as scheduled. The ultimate granting of parole can only occur on the recommendation of the Director of the Bureau of Corrections, the parole board notes, and also reminded that release dates depend on compliance with various conditions, including approval by the State Council of Interstate Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders.

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