Update: St. Croix Complex Campuses Receive All-Clear

Heightened security and ongoing VIPD presence in response to potential gun on campus

  • Staff Consortium
  • March 21, 2024

Aerial shot of the St. Croix Education Complex. By. ERNICE GILBERT, V.I. CONSORTIUM

Update from the Dept. of Education: Subsequent to the VIPD's diligent safety inspection, school authorities received the "all clear" signal, confirming the absence of any threat on the campus. Consequently, St. Croix Educational Complex High School and the Career and Technical Education campus has resumed normal school operations, with assurance that all students, faculty, and staff are secure.

The incident will be subject to further investigation by the Virgin Islands Police Department to ascertain the details and circumstances surrounding the reported false threat. We appreciate the collaborative efforts of law enforcement and school personnel in swiftly addressing the situation and ensuring the safety of our educational community.

Original Story: ST. CROIX — The V.I. Dept. of Education has issued an urgent notification regarding the current lockdown status of St. Croix Educational Complex High School and the St. Croix Career & Technical Education campus.

In response to a situation that has necessitated heightened security measures, school officials have promptly enacted established safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of all students and staff on campus. The department did not offer additional specifics, but the V.I. Police Department verified with the Consortium that a man had called the school claiming there was a gun on campus. Glen Dratte, VIPD's Director of Communications, stated that officers are actively searching the campus for the weapon, though they are considering the possibility that the call may have been a hoax.

The V.I. Police Department is actively present on the premises, conducting a thorough investigation into the matter, according to the notice from the department. In light of these developments, parents and guardians have been strongly advised against attempting to access the campus. It is imperative for the safety of the students, staff, and responding law enforcement that the area remains clear and secured.

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