Fire Service Temporarily Suspends Suppression Operations at Bovoni Landfill Fire

Community Center Published On September 17, 2023 08:27 AM
Staff Consortium | September 17, 2023 08:27:27 AM

Bovoni Landfill fire. By VIFEMS.

The V.I. Fire and Emergency Medical Services has announced a temporary halt in their firefighting efforts at the Bovoni Landfill, which has been ablaze since early Thursday. The temporary suspension will last through this evening, with a suppression response crew and apparatuses remaining on-site. Operations are slated to resume in full tomorrow morning.

Despite the pause, firefighters have made significant progress in battling the flames. According to the latest reports, 75% of the vegetation debris pile at the landfill is extinguished. Advanced suppression methods have also been employed to reduce underlying subterranean hot spots, effectively minimizing the impact on the local community.

As the fire continues, VIFEMS has issued an advisory to residents who may be affected by the smoke:

  • Stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed as much as possible.
  • Individuals with respiratory conditions should exercise heightened caution and stay away from the affected areas.

Director Daryl A. George, Sr., expressed deep gratitude for the firefighters on the front lines. "Throughout these challenging days, our firefighters’ determination and experience ensures the safety of our community. Their ceaseless efforts have not gone unnoticed. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone on the front lines of this ongoing incident," George said. "Their bravery, expertise, and coordination have been the cornerstone of our response," he concluded.

The director also thanked the community for rallying together in the face of the crisis. The donations and unwavering support from local citizens have played a crucial role in the ongoing efforts. "Every contribution fortifies our resolve," he noted, adding that the public's support is a confirmation of the community's strength and resilience.

While the temporary suspension is in place, VIFEMS assures the community that a suppression crew and essential equipment will remain on-site to monitor the situation and react if necessary. Operations are set to resume fully tomorrow morning, as the service works diligently to bring the situation fully under control.

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