DPNR Halts Snake Bounty Program Due to High Participation

Overwhelming success leads to early closure of fiscal year program, encourages more certified wildlife operators

  • Ernice Gilbert
  • June 09, 2024

The V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources has announced the early conclusion of its snake bounty program for the current fiscal year, citing exceptional participation rates.

DPNR Commissioner Jean-Pierre L. Oriol credited the program's success to the diligent efforts of all involved, particularly the certified wildlife control operators who have played a vital role in managing snake populations.

"Due to the overwhelming participation in the program, we are closing the snake bounty for the remainder of this fiscal year. Effective immediately, no new bounties will be issued for snake submissions, but all submissions to-date will be honored," Mr. Oriol stated. He expressed gratitude towards community members who participated, highlighting their significant contribution to local wildlife management.

The snake bounty initiative is part of DPNR's broader strategy to control invasive species and manage interactions between the public and wildlife. Nicole Angeli, director of DPNR's Division of Fish and Wildlife, emphasized the importance of certified wildlife control operators. "These operators play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance between the public and wildlife, safeguarding our native wildlife in a rapidly changing world," she noted.

DPNR continues to encourage individuals interested in wildlife conservation to become certified wildlife control operators. For more information on certification and other conservation initiatives, the Division of Fish and Wildlife can be contacted at (340) 773-1082.

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