Vibrant Troupes and Local Bands Highlight 70th St. John Celebration

From fiery "Rize of the Phoenix" costumes to mini-Broadway productions, the St. John parade showcased diverse and dynamic performances

  • Janeka Simon
  • July 05, 2024

St. John Carnival 2024. By. DEAR PRODUCTIONS

The streets of Cruz Bay were filled with the sounds of celebration as the 70th St. John Celebration parade unfolded on Thursday.

Spectators lined the roadsides as masqueraders in feathered and bejeweled costumes danced down the streets behind the trucks carrying popular local bands.‌

Virgin Islanders from across the territory converged on St. John for the Celebration, which among groups featured an amalgamation of five troupes from St. Thomas consolidated under the “What-Ah-Real-Epic-Allure Mas & Posh” banner. The St. Thomas majorettes also joined in the Celebration.

Of course, troupes from St. John itself were well represented, including L’Amour which portrayed the “Rize of the Phoenix” in fiery yellow, and Diamonds and Gems, which fielded a troupe of revelers in a colorful rainbow of costumes. Cameras captured Lt. Governor Tregenza Roach enjoying the parade with members of the Gypsies troupe, and the children of the St. John School of the Arts were also out on Thursday, performing a mini-Broadway production to the delight of bystanders. The Elskoe and Associates troupe, portraying “Carnival is Royalty and Splendor”, filled the streets with elaborate costumes in hues of red, purple and gold.‌

Local Carnival royalty was also on hand to preside over the Celebration, with appearances from the reigning Prince and Princess, Jr. Miss and Miss St. John.

Even after the last troupes exited the square, the Celebration was not over. Spectators made their way to the Cruz Bay harbor to enjoy the beautiful fireworks display that capped the evening, and the 2024 St. John Celebration.

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