Virgin Islanders Team Up to Offer 'Sound Stage VI', Professional Video, Photo, and Audio Recording Services at Your Fingertips

Business Published On November 12, 2020 05:10 AM
Ernice Gilbert | November 12, 2020 05:10:57 AM

Model Shanice Wilson at Sound Stage VI's photo studio. By SOUND STAGE VI

Imagine needing professional photos for you and your family in a moment's notice. Your vision for this photoshoot is grand: You're imagining all sorts of amazing backgrounds that are not available in your area, and even if they were, the speed in which you desire this photoshoot, it would be impractical to get it all done in one day. 

Or let's say you desire to host a live video event on any of the many social platforms. This event, in your mind, has to be professional in every way — sound, video quality, backgrounds.

Or maybe you love singing. In your dreams, you are the greatest star anywhere. In reality, you believe you have the lyrics, melodies and voice to match your dreams, but you don't have the recording skills. Your budget is also measly.

That's where Sound Stage VI comes in. Or, to be more pronounced, it's three of a number of services the brand new company offers, in what promises to be a successful outfit providing a wide array of needed services.

Located upstairs Thomas Bakery in Castle Coakley, the Consortium toured at least three of Sound Stage VI's work spaces: a green room, which allows the company to provide virtually any setting for its clients looking for live or recorded video productions; another space that has been outfitted in black on one end and white on the other, both allowing pictures to be taken in a variety of moods; and a recording studio where not only music will be recorded, but advertisements and other media productions. 

All in one place. All by local, young Virgin Islanders whose goal is to provide services that would be otherwise unattainable for many, while making these services readily available.

Ineke Hodge

Ineke Hodge at Sound Stage VI (Credit: Sound Stage VI)

The company also offers a $40-monthly membership that gives clients 50 percent off of all services. Members also get to use the space anytime once there is availability. Additionally, clients can bring their own photographers and videographers if they have particular preferences.

Sound Stage VI is made possible through a partnership among a number of local creatives: Oriel Cornwall, Jewel Cumberbatch, George Armstrong Jr., Kiwaun Cumberbatch, Leon Perkins, Bulley Navarro, and Orlando Melendez II.

The aforementioned individuals are professionals in their respective fields. George Armstrong, for example, is the owner of media platform KGPVI and is also a professional photographer. Oriel Cornwall is a master videographer and digital media entrepreneur. Leon Perkins is a content creator who owns EveryDay Carnival. Bulley Navarro is a producer who manages a number of recording artists, among them the well-known Kruziano.

The Consortium on November 4 visited the space, which is nearing completion and will be in full operation in January (services are currently being offered on a limited basis).

"As a creative community, we want to work together," Mr. Cornwall told the Consortium as he explained the vision behind Sound Stage VI. He also provided an example of how useful the proposition can be to the community.

"Let's say you have a wife and children. In a regular family man's life, there are a few months in the year when he's going to need photos — anniversaries, birthdays, graduations. You can procure a membership, which gives you 50 percent off, and we allow you to buy in or cancel at anytime," he said.

Once you walk into the space, the atmosphere is casual and inviting. You are greeted by a receptionist, and the work spaces are immediately to the left of the facility, with the photography room first, the green screen room for video productions second, and the recording studio third. There's also an instant photo booth for those seeking whimsical moments.

The equipment being used are professional grade. When you step into one of the rooms, you instantly feel like whatever is about to happen will be special. 

The owners say they want to foster an atmosphere that is not only inviting and professional, but one that encourages creativity.

Sound Stage VI is in its final phase of construction before the grand opening. The entrepreneurs have started a GoFundMe to raise enough funds to install AC units, and had raised, as of Thursday morning, $4,205 of the $6,000 needed. Support them here.

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