No Longer Starving: Local Businesses Showcase Products During 'Striving Artists Day' at Whim Museum

  • Staff Consortium
  • November 28, 2022

Alissa B. Custom Jewelry showcase at Striving Artists Day at the Whim Museum in Frederiksted on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. By. V.I. CONSORTIUM

Residents and visitors congregated at the Estate Whim Museum on St. Croix Sunday to enjoy the various aspects of Virgin Islands culture during Striving Artists Day.

On location were 45 vendors, including local artists, jewelers, authors, and craftspeople showcasing their items. 

Striving Artist Day, formerly known as Starving Artists Day, is a fundraising event through the St. Croix Landmarks Society. In short, the event sees local business people with either hand-crafted or locally made products, coming together at one location to showcase their offerings. There was no shortage of talent at the gathering, with 45 vendors on hand with a myriad of items — from handmade jewelry, bags and necklaces, to ointments, creams and soaps, just to name a few — proudly displayed at the estate as residents descended on the location sampling and buying.

Though the event's title was tweaked form "starving" to "striving", one should not be fooled by either, as the gathering has for a long time been used by major local brands to attract new business and exhibit popular as well as niche products.

Landmark Society Executive Director Sonia Jacobs Dow was elated about Sunday's gathering, praising her staff for yet another successful event. “The credit should go to our staff, and I will take responsibility on whatever we messed up on. We have a very dynamic team even though it is small," she said.

Ms. Dow said the event started after Hurricane Hugo struck St. Croix in 1989 as a way of helping people whose homes and businesses had been destroyed. The idea was to bring people together in one place where they could buy items for their families.

The effort has grown immensely, morphing into something that artists as well as residents look forward to as part of the Christmas season on St. Croix.

Along with the artists, food vendors kept event-goers happy with an array of offerings and a deejay livened the occasion with fitting music.

The St. Croix Landmarks Society, whose office at the Whim Museum was damaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017, will officially open its doors to the public (no appointment needed) in December on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Whim Museum.

Other days of availability will include cruise ship days except for Sundays and holidays. For more information visit the society's website here.

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