Division of Personnel's New Ethics Program and Customer Service Training for GVI Employees Mentioned as Key Strategies During Budget Hearing

Initiatives highlighted as crucial for workforce development and improving public trust during FY2025 budget discussions

  • Staff Consortium
  • June 30, 2024

In FY2025, the Division of Personnel intends to continue administering initiatives to build a high-quality workforce, including wellness initiatives and administering health and life insurance schemes for GVI employees, retirees, and their dependents, according to testimony provided by the division's leadership during a budget hearing last week.

Anticipated projects like the Certified Public Manager Program and a new “customer service workshop series” for GVI healthcare practitioners aim to enhance patient experience. Additionally, an ethics workshop for GVI employees is in the beta testing phase to ensure adherence to ethical guidelines promoting public trust in the government's integrity.

The Division of Personnel will also continue recruitment efforts to attract, retain, and diversify the talent pool, said testifiers. Between October 1, 2023, and June 7, 2024, DOP referred 2,124 qualified candidates to respective hiring agencies. Hiring a public information officer has bolstered recruitment campaigns, enhancing visibility on social media platforms. The DOP said it is exploring job platforms in the Caribbean to expand recruitment and currently has a vacancy for a recruiter to attract staff locally, regionally, and globally.

The Office of Management and Budget has recommended a $44,855,501 appropriation DOP's FY2025 budget. According to Personnel Director Cindy Richardson, the budget includes projected revenues of approximately $45,000 from the Training Revolving Fund and $530,867 in indirect costs. The majority of the budget request, $44,279,635, will come from the General Fund.

Of the $44.8 million, the DOP has earmarked $5,353,962 for its operating budget. The agency intends to use $3,249,938.19 for personnel costs for 49 positions, including 5 vacancies. An additional $1,458,360.11 is allocated for fringe benefits, $58,000 for supplies, and $587,663.70 for other services and charges.

The DOP’s miscellaneous budget is a hefty $38,825,672, with the vast majority, $38,210,672, intended for retirees’ health insurance. The Certified Public Manager program is expected to cost $75,000, the GVI’s employee recognition activities a further $80,000, with $275,000 for contributions to the Health Insurance Board, and $285,000 for health insurance consultants.

Several lawmakers expressed interest in customer service training initiatives and the Certified Public Manager Program. Senator Marvin Blyden described the program as “excellent,” while Senator Donna Frett-Gregory inquired about the program's assessment and the promotion of its graduates to middle management positions. Ms. Richardson indicated that they are tracking graduates and promised to provide details to the Committee.

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