Book Featuring Inspiring Stories From VI Women Tops Amazon's Best Sellers List

Business Published On March 23, 2023 06:54 AM
Staff Consortium | March 23, 2023 06:54:58 AM

"Passion and Purpose", a book that features 21 inspiring stories from women in the U.S. Virgin Islands on business, leadership and life, is now an Amazon #1 Best Seller in Business Etiquette — an impressive achievement for the authors who deem the book a must-have for individuals seeking to be inspired.

"This is powerful collection of stories is by visionary authors Jo’Hanna D. Samuel and Vanessa I. Farrell, who have curated inspiring accounts of perseverance, determination, and success from 21 remarkable women in the US Virgin Islands," states a press release issued last week.

The book is currently available worldwide through retailers including Amazon, where it has garnered enough sales to top the highly sought-after list on the giant e-commerce platform.

left-JoHannaDSamuel-VanessaFarrell From left to right, co-authors of Purpose and Passion Jo’Hanna D. Samuel and Vanessa I. Farrell.

“As women, we all have passions that ignite us. They burn so bright within and around us that we can’t dim them, no matter how hard we try," the release says. "It is from these passions that our assigned purpose emerges, and we become the women God truly created us to be.”

Passion and Purpose presents a variety of viewpoints and experiences from women who have succeeded in their personal and professional lives with the intention of encouraging readers to pursue their passions and embrace their individual purpose. These women, who range from entrepreneurs to civic leaders, are open and honest about their successes and setbacks, giving readers insightful information and inspiration, according to the release.

“Passion and Purpose is not just a book, it is a movement. We believe that by sharing these stories, we can empower women to become leaders and inspire others to do the same,” said co-author Jo’Hanna D. Samuel.

Co-author Vanessa I. Farrell added, “We are thrilled to share this collection of stories with the world. We hope that readers will be moved by these women’s journeys and inspired to pursue their own passions and purpose.”

The authors are encouraging everyone to read and be inspired by the book, whose full title is "Passion and Purpose: 21 Inspiring Stories from Women in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Business, Leadership, and Life".

Ms. Samuel is described as a visionary, Amazon best-selling author, and is also a inspirational speaker and the proprietor of Add' A Touch Accessories 

Ms. Farrell is the CEO and founder of VI Health & Wellness Coaching as well as a visionary, best-selling author, speaker, and certified health coach, according to the release.

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