Avera and Modern Caribbean Partner With HiBnB to Facilitate Marijuana Tourism in Caribbean

  • Staff Consortium
  • June 03, 2022


Modern Caribbean and Avera Tech — two USVI-based firms — this week announced a strategic partnership with HiBnB, a platform hosting cannabis-friendly accommodations, including lodging and activities.

According to the release, the partnership among the three parties will allow a tourist to find a cannabis-friendly accommodation and/or excursion, identify a retail storefront to safely and legally purchase cannabis, and have a remarkable experience in the beautiful Caribbean region. The region’s local economy also benefits from this collaboration, as the participation of the grassroots entrepreneurs fuel each island’s economy, the release further stated.

“The cannabis industry has been and will continue to be one of the key components of tourism in the Caribbean for decades,” stated Michael Pemberton, managing partner of Modern Caribbean and partner in Avera. “Our platform will allow cultivators, dispensaries, tourists, and rental property owners to all interact seamlessly, capturing the transactions that today occur in cash in an illicit marketplace.”

According to Forbes, cannabis tourism is already a $17 billion industry with exponential growth projected.

Avera and Modern Caribbean did not provide further details about the partnership. According to the release, Modern Caribbean is a full-service government relations and consulting firm based in the U.S. Virgin Islands, focusing on the entire Caribbean region.

"We offer our private sector clients legislative and regulatory consultation, strategic partnering, and business and real estate development services. We have a demonstrated track record of providing high-impact consulting services and grassroots organizing at the highest level of government," the company said.

Avera said it has created multiple technology solutions that will facilitate the tourism industry in the Caribbean region. "We have sought to solve global challenges with technological solutions. By maximizing revenue, we will ameliorate the financial strain experienced throughout these economies by natural disasters and the recent global pandemic," stated the release.

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