Vote for Madison Ramsingh: Miss Earth USVI's Stellar Journey at International Pageant in Vietnam

The Final Push: Team USVI rallies support to secure a top spot in the pageant

  • Staff Consortium
  • December 19, 2023

Madison Ramsingh, representing the U.S. Virgin Islands, has become a standout contender in the International Miss Earth Pageant currently underway in Vietnam. With her exceptional performances across various segments, Madison has brought immense pride to her nation and territory.

Showcasing a diverse array of talents, Madison dominated the talent segment of the pageant. Her flair was further evident in the swimwear segment, capturing the attention of both the audience and judges. A unique aspect of her participation was the national costume segment, where she chose to represent mangroves, aligning with the pageant's environmental focus.

Her elegance was also on full display during the fashion show, further cementing her as a significant participant in the pageant.

Madison's journey in the pageant has not just been about showcasing talent and grace; it has been a moment of pride for the U.S. Virgin Islands, as she embodies the spirit and culture of her homeland.

In the People’s Choice competition, Madison initially secured the top spot, thanks to thousands of votes from supporters. This lead, however, faced a setback when a recent change in the voting system allowed double voting from another segment, impacting her position in the people’s choice standings.

With the competition drawing to a close in less than four days, rallying support for Madison is crucial to regain her number one position and secure her spot in the top 20 of the pageant. Her representation extends beyond her individual achievements, as she stands as a symbol of the U.S. Virgin Islands on an international stage.

To support Madison Ramsingh in her quest at the Miss Earth Pageant, fans and supporters are encouraged to cast their votes. Direct voting can be done through this link. The Miss U.S. Virgin Islands team has been actively updating the Miss USVI and Miss Earth USVI social media pages with information about Madison's progress and the importance of voting in these crucial final days of the competition.

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