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Alleged Jet Ski Thief Arrested After Owner Spotted It Being Towed Down Veterans Drive

  • Staff Consortium
  • June 12, 2024

ST. THOMAS — A man found towing a stolen jet ski is facing felony charges in court. Court documents state that on March 26, a man called 911 saying that he was following a vehicle which was traveling on Veterans Drive, towing a jet ski the caller said had been stolen from him about a week prior.‌ Responding officers were able to execute a traffic stop of the suspicious vehicle on Lover’s Lane. The jet ski owner was also present, and told them that the jet ski had been stolen from the Anna’s Retreat area. The theft had not yet been reported, said the man, because he had still been trying to determine who had taken his jet ski. The driver of the vehicle that had been towing the jet ski, Kareem Casimir, told officers that he had bought it from someone for $3,000. The seller had reportedly told him that the ownership documents were inside the vehicle, but when asked, Casimir was unable to produce the paperwork. Police noted that the jet ski’s engine had been detached and was in the trun...