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Medicaid Funds Depleted, Major Road Repairs Planned: Bryan Provides Wide-Ranging Update

  • Janeka Simon
  • June 11, 2024

During Monday’s press briefing, Governor Albert Bryan Jr. provided updates on several matters concerning infrastructure and community welfare in the Virgin Islands. Apart from its focus on the ongoing instability plaguing the territory’s power plants, the briefing touched on a wide array of topics, including road improvements, housing projects, and community support measures.‌ Addressing road conditions, particularly on St. Croix, Governor Bryan noted the challenges posed by the current wet weather. “The rain, we’re grateful for it but it wreaks havoc on the roads,” he said. Additionally, the weather has provided ideal conditions for the growth of vegetation – a boon for local farmers but the bane of officials who strive to keep the roadsides clear of brush. “It’s not only the rain that’s making the bush grow. But then you can’t cut bush in the rain,” the governor said, explaining the quandary. He also noted that some road resurfacing projects have been placed on hold because authorit...