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Troy Williams Champions Pothole Mapping Initiative on St. Croix

  • Staff Consortium
  • June 12, 2024

Candidates for the 36th Legislature have begun campaigns to raise their profiles in the public awareness, and one aspiring senator from St. Croix has embarked on a community project to map problematic potholes on the Big Island. Troy Williams is spearheading the Pothole Mapping Project, which uses Google Maps in a quest to identify and document potholes in order to provide authorities with precise locations for prompt repairs. Mr. Williams and his family have thus far spent holidays and weekends mapping out potholes, and he is appealing to the wider public to join in the effort. "Potholes affect all aspects of our lives, and smooth roads are not a luxury but should be a necessity. Before we can even talk about bringing in new investors, ride shares, or enhancing our tourism product, we must take care of our most critical infrastructure, which are our roads and communications," he said in a press statement issued on Sunday. The project has also highlighted some significant issues wi...