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Terror Strikes Moscow: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Concert Attack

  • Staff Consortium
  • March 22, 2024

A devastating attack unfolded at a concert hall just outside Moscow Friday night, resulting in at least 40 fatalities and injuring more than 100 individuals. This act of violence occurred shortly after U.S. officials had discreetly informed Russia of a potential plot targeting large crowds, and amidst the backdrop of Vladimir Putin securing a sixth presidential term. Russian authorities reported that the attackers, employing explosives and firearms, targeted concertgoers at the venue on Friday evening. The assault was swiftly claimed by ISIS through a statement on the Amaq news agency, affiliated with the group, on the Telegram app. Prior to the incident, on March 7, the U.S. embassy in Moscow had issued an alert to American citizens, cautioning them to steer clear of concert venues due to the imminent threat of extremist actions targeting large gatherings in Moscow. This cautionary notice did not elaborate further, following a refusal from the State Department to divulge more detail...