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WTJX Appeals for $4.4 Million Amid Threat to $1 Million Advance Funding

  • Nelcia Charlemagne
  • July 18, 2024

On Wednesday, the V.I. Public Broadcasting System (WTJX) told lawmakers that it will need $4,431,902 to maintain momentum in FY2025. “Through this funding, we are able to continue to open up a world of possibilities,” assured Chief Executive Officer Tanya-Marie Singh.‌ Ms. Singh reminded lawmakers that they “offer a broad range of high-quality news and informational programming to radio stations.” She outlined recent successes, including the Commissioner’s Corner program with Education Commissioner Dionne Well-Hedrington, and significant strides toward digitizing the system’s archives. Ms. Singh also championed WTJX’s recently established news platform. “We are providing an outstanding news product on all of our platforms,” she announced. After the St. Croix Avis closed in early 2024, Ms. Singh said WTJX “moved swiftly” in reaching out to the newspaper’s Bureau Chief, Tom Eader. Mr. Eader is now WTJX’s chief reporter. According to Ms. Singh, the inclusion of news reporting has “truly...