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Launch of Plastic Recycling Program Should Result in Significant Reduction in Plastic Pollution in USVI, Officials Say

  • Linda Straker
  • February 20, 2022

ST. JOHN — Officials who attended a Friday ceremony for the launch of Ocean-Bound Plastics Recycling Program on St. John hailed the effort as an important step forward in reducing the territory's carbon footprint.  Senator Donna Frett-Gregory said the program will not only ensure a significant reduction of harmful pollution in the territory’s waters, but also assist with reducing the plastic footprint at the landfills.  “This should be a life-changing experience for us in the Virgin Islands,” she said while delivering remarks at the ceremonial launch of the initiative that is undertaken by Island Green Living and its partners. She further commended the company for leading the way in the territory with its green initiatives. “Communities like us that have a finite space must take protecting our environment and our natural beauty a priority," she said. "It is my fervent hope that the launch of this program will be the beginning of a structured recycling program throughout this territo...