Machel Montano Hints At Marrying His Longtime Girlfriend During Final Machel Monday on Feb. 17

  • Staff Consortium
  • January 27, 2020

Official Machel Monday 2020 Flyer By. MACHEL MONTANO


TRINIDAD — "Look how long me and me girl dating... and I ain't pop the question as yet, I busy chasing birds in the fete. This year I'm not gonna do the same thing, I thinking about making the big step, don't want to look back on my life and regret...

"Can't wait 'till she gone... cause she's always been by my side, throughout all the lows and the highs. Can't wait 'till she gone, gone, gone gone, no way. So for the rest of my life, baby would you be my wife? Because I love you..."

Those were the words of Soca king and legend Machel Montano, in one of his 2020 Soca groovy songs titled "I Love You"

While one may relegate the lyrics to mean nothing serious, Mr. Montona has been dropping hints all year about his intention to finally marry his longtime girlfriend Reneé Butcher. 

And tonight, Mr. Montano gave the biggest hint to date: In the official Machel Monday 2020 flyer, the 10th and last event according to Mr. Montano, the matrimony theme is bold: "Machel Monday, the Wedding, Feb. 17, Hasley Crawford Stadium."

It goes on to read: "Connect with us, wear white."

Who's on the flyer, you ask? Mr. Montano and Ms. Butcher.

Earlier this month, Mr. Montano said the Feb. 17 event would be the last. Performing at this year's Black 2 Blue, one of Trinidad Carnival's first fetes of 2020, Mr. Montano paused to reminisce on his storied journey. "Allyuh eh find Machel in this business long enough? I am 45, and allyuh is meh real friends, we grow up together. I gonna let you know this, 2020 is Machel Monday 10. It started in 2011, allyuh remember the Return? That was 2011 to now... I just want to tell allyuh this, ah love allyuh, but yuh see Machel Monday 10, this is going to be the finale. This is going to be it. 10. Perfect 10," he said.

The hitmaker has dominated the Soca industry for as long as many can remember. As a child, he was a wunderkind, leaving his mark early with "Too Young To Soca". The King of Soca has dropped hit after hit over the decades, winning 7 road march victories in the home of Soca, Trinidad, in the last nine years. The legendary artist has also thrust the Soca genre forward with important collaborations with Major Lazer, Ariana Grande, Ashanti, and more. Mr. Montano also brought an energetic performance to the 2019 Essence Festival — again broadening the reach of Soca music.

As for the Machel Monday 10, if history is to be any indication, and with this year's event being the grand finale, expect an explosive show with big names from around the world to grace the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

You might also get a wedding for the ages.


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