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World Metereology Office Warns of Effects of Saharan Dust on Caribbean

  • Staff Consortium
  • June 27, 2020

GENEVA, CMC – The World Meteorological Office (WMO) Friday said the massive dust storm currently blanketing many parts of the Caribbean, is posing a significant threat to regional health and has revealed the importance of having effective warning systems in place. The storm arrived in the Eastern Caribbean from North Africa last week, affecting a wide area so far, spanning from the northern coast of South America to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. “Sand and dust storms are severe hazards that can affect weather, climate, the environment, health, economies, transport and agriculture in many parts of the world”, said Dr. Oksana Tarasova, Head of WMO’s Atmospheric Environment Research Division. “The ongoing dust storm, which has affected daily life in the Caribbean, shows the importance of forecast and warning services.” Although dust blows from Africa across the Atlantic every year, the UN weather agency said this year’s event has been particularly intense and extensive. The dust s...