Pandemic Opportunities: St. Croix Family Launches Residential and Commercial Cleaning Business as More People Work, Learn From Home

  • Ernice Gilbert
  • October 13, 2020

Jaclyn O'Garro fogs a bedroom following a deep cleaning job. By. TOPNOTCCH CLEANING SERVICES

ST. CROIX — The deadly coronavirus has laid waste to many businesses, some even generational, as customers — spooked by the disease and under government lockdown orders — stay at home and seek online alternatives. Yet as more people stay inside, with children participating in virtual learning and some companies letting their employees work from home, opportunities once thought risky are now proving to be the winning business models. 

Enter Jaclyn O'Garro, a St. Croix native whose penchant for cleaning has been a given among family and friends for years. In fact long before Covid-19, Ms. O'Garro would crisscross the island cleaning homes and businesses as a side gig. She also worked with cleaning companies at Omni Hotel and Resorts in Atlanta, GA and at the CNN Center for 2½ years before moving home, where she continued cleaning as a second job. Then, of course, Covid-19 hit, and suddenly the work that had supplemented her income was threatened. 

But that was only an appearance; a mirage that, like so many other things, clouded the reality of a legitimate business opportunity. 

Ms. O'Garro got to thinking. She had cleaned homes and businesses as a side job for years, and now, cleanliness — while always a necessity — had become even more important with a deadly disease that stays on surfaces for hours, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also spreads through tiny air particles that linger in the air. The key to remaining Covid-free? Cleanliness and adhering to safety guidelines.

A major part of Ms. O'Garro's business, named "TopNotcch Cleaning", is the fogging service, which comes with the company's deep cleaning package. Ms. O'Garro said along with cleaning of heavily trafficked areas — among them light fixtures, door handles, refrigerator handles and other similar areas — the company also fogs the home or business to disinfect the air. "Everything you touch daily will be fogged and disinfected," she said.

At the forefront of Ms. O'Garro's mind is helping Virgin Islanders by doing the heavy lifting. "I see opportunity at this time because I see a need for it, especially now with the coronavirus pandemic," said Ms. O'Garro.  "I feel like it will be a great way to help people that have so much going on and can't do it themselves. I feel like that's where I come in."

While she is the president of TopNotcch Cleaning, Ms. O'Garro said the company is a family-run operation whose goal is to always achieve the highest quality standards and leave each customer satisfied. 

The company operates Monday-Saturday from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. TopNotcch is also offering a free walkthrough consultation. Because each job is different, clients are asked to visit TopNotcch Cleaning's website and request a quote, or call 1-800-428-0556. Clients are also asked to call 24 hours in advance. 


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