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Opinion: Decriminalization of Marijuana Sending the Wrong Message

Featured / Opinion / Virgin Islands / October 1, 2014

A strong attempt to make smoking weed legal in the Virgin Islands is sending the wrong message to our teenagers. Numerous studies have found that marijuana smoke contains a range of harmful chemicals similar to those of tobacco smoke. As a matter of fact, the risk of respiratory effects from inhaling marijuana smoke is heightened by the more intense way in which marijuana is smoked. As you can see, smoking anything brings great harm to our bodies. Our bodies were not designed to inhale any kind of smoke.

There is absolutely nothing productive about inhaling smoke into your lungs. The current bill would allow a fine for small amounts of marijuana. My question is: Are we trying to produce more marijuana smokers or should we be trying to produce more educated young men and women?

There are currently no employers in the Virgin Islands that would hire employees with weed in their system. Absolutely none!

If nothing is wrong with smoking weed, then why is there a fine? What happens when someone is fined and they don’t pay? How many times can a person be fined? What’s the legal age for a weed smoker? Can students in high school come to school legally high?

If selling weed is illegal and manufacturing weed is illegal, how can obtaining an ounce be legal? Where are the weed smokers going to get the weed from to smoke? I think we can conclude that the only way is to obtain it illegally.

You cannot make something that is illegal to grow and illegal to sell or have in your possession now legal. Who will give them the weed legally?

When a child becomes a weed smoker, there are no federal jobs, including the military, hospitals, aviation, Hovensa, and a host of others that will allow weed in the system of their employees.

All professional athletes are barred from smoking weed at any time during their professional careers. So on one hand, how can we encourage our youth to aspire to be professional athletes and then on the other hand tell them smoking weed is a good thing?

Two of our very own excellent, young professional athletes were released from their professional contracts because weed was found in their systems. They failed their drug tests twice. Why? Weed.

What’s the true purpose of smoking weed? What are we trying to accomplish? A better community or a community full of weed smokers?

When our young men transition to the professional work place, smoking weed will not enhance their productivity.

Written by Pastor Dexter Skepple

Speak the Word Ministries, St. Croix


The views and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the staff and management of the VI Consortium.


Staff Consortium

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